Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

*Hesitate...* Nevermind, have fun!!!

Should I? Should I not? Should I not? Should I? Should I not?

Ok, I should not...


I was troubled these few days whether to work on this short 1 month break.

And, it had been decided, I shall not work.

No work, no $$.


I'm working as my dad's part time clerk, hehe...

He wanted me to type a soft copy of some documents for him.

And he agreed to pay me RM2 for a page.

There's like 100 page and I've finished typing like half of it already.

I actually typed half of it in a day you know!!!

Unbelievable for a person who type at an average speed. @_@

Yippie~ Every word I typed indicates I'm earning more $$, haha.

Yup, I'm quite "mata duitan" but I'm not stingy. ^^

It's fun working at home.

I wonder if I could run an Internet business in the future.

I really like working from home.

You can enjoy freedom, live the way you want, work the way you want.

Gahh~ I'm gonna work and study hard and be a super duper good BUSINESSWOMAN....!

Haiz, it takes time... And I'm like exaggerating things... Still...

Never mind, success comes with a determine mind. : )

So, have you figure out your future people?

If you haven't, you better be fast so you don't miss the fun of having a dream to chase~!


P.S : My dad's friend from Australia is visiting M'sia tomorrow, I'm so nervous. Hope I can get along well with them since we're their tourist guide. Anyway, I get to visit Malacca again too!!! ; )

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bye Bye Brother~!

Just 5 days and he went back...

Hmm... No choice, he needs to work.

Oh brother, glad that we'll meet more frequently next year.

Seeya in Australia : )

Take care!

I managed to took some photos of bro ^^v 

Heehee, the brothers... : )

Friday, June 25, 2010

WOW~ It's possible.

I didn't know I can go for so many activities for this holiday.

Just like Eloise status in FB :  there are so many activities waiting for me......=).....holiday is fun.......>.<

This holiday sure is fun!!!

Finally, I can continue my craft work. My hand rusted a long time ago.

Yippee~ ^_^

Activities I've planned for this one month holiday:
1. Continue craft work
2. Work to earn more $$ to shopping X D
3. Shopping~ Yeah~
4. Jogging with family
5. Travelling with family
6. Fellowship with my cute junior (Evon ^^)
7. Badminton session with mama & elo
8. Baking session
9. Watch movies
10. Suft the net
11. Clean up my room
     (P.S. my room got too many books and lap sap already, i even keep my form 1 exam paper until now.
     It's time too dispose these stuff off, heehee...)
12. Sleep (got panda eyes lately from watching dramas and anime till late night.)

These are the activities I have for now.

When I think of more activities then I'll have more fun. : )

People, have you plan your holiday.

Don't spend time only with friends but family as well.

When we study we seldom hang around with our family,

when we holiday we also seldom hang around with our family.

How does that sound? Not good at all.

So, spend your time wisely with different people.

I know, sometimes family gathering can be veryyyy boring.

It's ok, just once a week is good.

4 days for family and the remaining days with whoever you want, that's not so selfish.

O.o Sounds like I'm lecturing u all, hehe...

Ok ok, now I shut up & go have fun already!

Bye Bye~


Take care people~

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I love the fact that every members of the family can gather together again.

Eventhough some of them are far away, our hearts and bloods are bonded together.

I treasure and love you, my family.

: )

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Konnyaku Jellies!!! Succeeded!!!

I had attempt to make Konnyaku Jelly for a couple of times but I failed horribly.

It's been a year since I last make Konnyaku Jellies.

Just one day, I feel like eating Konnyaku jelly and so went out and bought the ingredients from Baker's Mall.

The staff at Baker's Mall introduced a new Konnyaku powder to me so I tried it.

The powder is an all in one powder, sugar added already.

Eagerly, I went home and make the QQ Konnyaku Jelly hoping I could eat them 1hr later.

Unfortunately, I'm not used to the new jelly powder and the jelly tasted weird & bitter.

Since I'm so determine to make the Konnyaku Jelly, I went back to Baker's Mall to buy the jelly powder I normally use.

When I reached home, the experiment starts again and I SUCCEEDED!!! Yippee!!!

I didn't manage to explain the whole jelly making process as I was busy stirring and stirring the jelly mixture.

I sweat a little but it was so worth it after seeing all my efforts payoff.

It was delicious and so Q that I couldn't resist eating more, hehe... ^^

If possible, I'll try to bake muffins next time.

It's fun baking and making jellies.

But cooking?

I'm not interested at all.

It's troublesome, washing, chopping, cooking, cleaning.

So many things to do and the kitchen floor will be so oily.

I did tried to cook, but after finished cooking, I'm a dead meat.

I can hardly move and I need rest.

So, baking is still the best and it's easy.

Here are my QQ Konnyaku Jellies~

The photos might not look nice but the taste wins it all~

Yum Yum!!!  : D

I like the different shapes of the mould : )

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yeah!!! Woohoo!!!

We finally got through the exam week!!!

It's so refreshing & relax after so many days of hardword.

Sorry, I shall watch "WHEN IN ROME" 1st until I update my post! Heehee~

Until then. Seeya again soon!!!


Bye Bye Exam!!! : )

Monday, June 14, 2010

Owh! Not AGAIN?!!!

Why? Why? Why?

Why is this happening to me???

Ok, the train delayed for 1hr++ AGAIN!!!

After Eloise wished me luck that the train wouldn't delay...

It...!!! Argh!!!

Ah Bing, we should not talk about topics related to train for good.

I'm so scare that I'll have this phobia for train delay you know...

Oh, everyone please pray that the train will not delay for the next 3 days ok...

Please let me go home early to study... T_T

I'm a good student... I want to study~

Calm down... Calm down...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Study Break?? Study? Break? Study. No Break.


Nope! Study, but no break... : (

Depressed like her? Very much.

We have all our textbooks & lecture notes around us...

Guess what? We also have our "not-allowed-during studies" gadgets around...

Ipod, mp3, mp4, mobile phone, laptop...


Having these gadgets around is better than only having tons of books around you...

Scientists actually proved that having only books around you will drive you crazy. 

Fully support this statement!!!

Study break is a must! Chill up & have a break.

Saying you're stress when you only start studying for 15-30mins?

That's because you don't really pay attention in lectures & tutorials.

Blame yourself, not how bad the lecturer is, not how hard the subject is.

Be determine!!! Study smart not study hard!!!

If you're in a certain religion, I don't know how your religion pray but just

commit yourself to the Lord and He will take care of you well.

He will give you the determination, the wisdom, the power, the strength, the memory to study for your exam.

It works if you really put in effort to do your best.

Nothing comes easily, it requires hardwork.

It's ok if you make mistakes in answering the questions,

it's better to know your mistakes now than in the exam.

Failure does not indicate you are useless or not smart,

it helps you to discover different ways to solve a question.

Just like Thomas Edison, he failed to improve the light bulb for 2000 times but he's very cheerful.

He said "I discovered 2001 ways to improve the light bulb and the 2001th way is the best way".

Friends, don't give up so easily, don't get frustrated so easily.

Trust your own ability and you will definitely succeed.

Good Luck! All the best!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Public Transportation: Damn Useless!!!


Yup, I'm going to express my "PASSION" on M'sia public transportation!!!

Main transportation: KTM

Station: Every station

Time: Most of the time (Pissed me off!!!)

Comfort: Not at all (smelly, a lot of 'ham sap lou', dirty, yucky!!!)

[P.S. : My friend actually got molested on her BUTT when she was in the KTM yesterday!!! The worse thing is she got molested in the LADIES COUCH but the molester is a MALAY GUY!!! What the hell is that guy doing in the ladies couch?!!! Damn him]

Story begin...

It was actually a fine day when I went to college to meet up my lovely college mates.

We have a so to say 'study session' and happy hour!!! Heehee~

We discuss from business law to breast, from breast to econs, from econs back to business law. X D

When our discussion on business law case is coming to an end, Jhe Yee, Karyn & Ah Voon just came in...

Guess what, after they came in for like 15mins, we went out for LUNCH!!!

My master and me super hungry wei!!!

You know it's very hard for us to decide what to eat, so, master ask us to write the stores we want go for lunch on a tiny piece of paper.

Then she start the "Hocus-Pocus" and "Malimalihum" spell on the papers so she gets to eat what she wants...

We ended up going to Pizza Hut for pizzas!!!

Yummy, the pizzas are super duper good~ Yum Yum~

Next up, we went to BASKIN ROBBINS!!! Since it's Wednesday, it's

RM8 for 2 scoops of ice-cream!!! Worth it!!!

$ - Worth it
Body weight - Not worth it

Haiz... Surely gain weight already... But how can I resist seeing everyone licking their mouth-watering ice-cream?? Of course I'd buy one, hehe...

We continued our studies after that and it started to rain heavily...

Sadly, i can only go back later...

Instead of studying, we do a lot of crapping again...

We talk about dogs, cats, hamsters, cockroaches, lizards, rats...

It was damn funny when we talk about animals, we've like grandma and grandfather stories to tell...

When the rain subsided a little, we went back home since it's already 4.30pm.

My kind master fetched me to the KTM station.

Just when I bought my ticket and wait at the station, they announced that the train to Pelabuhan Klang will delay for 1hr+...

DAMN!!! And the station was crowded like hell!!! Like 100 of people!!!

I was thinking, even if I wait for the train, I might or might not be able to squeeze my 'not so tiny' body into the couch.

I called my mum & asked her whether she can fetch me home, but I noticed she was not in a very good mood, and yup, she said she don't feel like driving and I have to wait.

I was so depressed, like wait for the damn train that I might or might not get in??

Thank God, I remembered I can take the U62 bus home.

Without thinking much, I run to the bus station opposite Carrefour hoping to catch the bus.

The bus did came but, it was so packed inside. I couldn't help but wait for the next bus.

After 15minutes, the bus came and it was not that packed, thank goodness...

I was very tired when I got up to the bus... But there is an annoying auntie keep on talking to me...

I don't have any strength left to listen to her grandmother story...

I just sleep on my way back home...

In conclusion, I think KTM is DAMN USELESS!!!

Thank goodness the bus saved me...

Friends, if I'm not in a very good mood, most if it is because of the train delay or the mini bus is damn HOT...

I like to go to college with a BIG smile on my face but if you put yourself in my shoes, maybe you'll understand why I can be moody sometimes...

I really hope government can do their best to provide or improve the public transportation.

They have comfy cars to sit on, that's why they care less on us.

Until improvements are made, I'll still be suffering... : (

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



It stands for Curtin University of Technology.

I'm going to introduce the university I'm currently studying at.

Well, me & some of my friends are going over to the main campus in Perth, Western Australia to finish our degree in Accounting & Finance.

I never actually enter the main campus but I've seen it from outside for quite a couple of times.

It definitely is huge. Alright, my 'gong gong' master actually get lost in that university when she check out the uni.

Still, big is better than small in my point of view.

Since a picture worth a 1000 words, I'll let the picture do the talking. : )

That's where the uni is, in Perth.
(Perth is actually a place for old people to relax... I think that it's going to be boring there... )

Wow, the uni logo is actually sparkling!!!
(Nah, it's the sunlight that's making the effect... X D)

Actually the thing that make me want to study there other than for the PR is that it has really fresh air.

I mean clean air, no traffic jam, low crime rate, shopping heaven (if u have the $$), wonderful atmosphere, lots of greenery... How good is that? We don't have it all here in Malaysia.

Yeah, I know we can't compare everything here and there, Malaysian food is still the BEST regardless that how unhygienic it can be...

Maybe that's why Malaysian kids are more resistant to germs and all... ^^v

I really like unique building and that's why this Uni caught my attention once more!!!

I'm impressed!!!

Actually there are more pictures but this post will be too long, kekeke... : )

Here are the last group of piccies!!! Enjoy Enjoy~

This is the Department of Chemistry. Looks like a kitchen??

The field with trees around that provide shades and fresh air  : )
Good place to relax and study.

An artistic masterpiece staying within the Uni.

I saw this view before when I was at Perth with my dad.

Ok, this is an entrance for.... I've forgotten it already... My apologies... @_@

A random picture...

Heehee, I'm glad that it is considered a great university for those who are pursuing to study
Accounting & Finance.

I wish everyone all the best in the coming exam next week!!!

We will definitely do well!!!

We must do well!!!

GOGOGO~ (^_^v)

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm ALIVE!!!

Hello people!!!

I'm so glad to say that I actually made the effort the make my little bloggy ALIVE again...

Well, it's not easy to run and maintain the blog you know. @_@

It requires time, more time, extra time, absolute time to write a BANG post.

Nevertheless, since I'm commited to it, I shall continue then.

Ok, just a lil' introductory here, hehe...

There will be more to come soon!!! : )

Hang on ya!!!
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