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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sorry Sorry~!

So so sorry for the delay...

I forgot my bloggie again.... Haih...

I'm busy, *lazy to be exact... @_@*, heehee~!

So many activities, they made me tired and occupied, not to mention - lazy!

Went for badminton session with 'sis' and 'mama' few days back.

Mama booked a court in Bangsar and we played there for 2.5 hours. 

Guess what, my muscle was so pain the 2nd day that I find it hard to walk & sit!!!

I know why this happened, we didn't do warm ups and we played too long : (

I still feel the pain till today but better than the 1st day of course.

Gotta rest a few days more to fully recover!!!

By the way, congrats to Je Hui that your concert was a blast!!!

Your hardwork definately paid off!!! Saw the video in FB earlier today, you look so cool!!!!!!!!! ^^

Too bad I couldn't make it, what a waste.

More shopping spree to come, more anime to watch, more movies to catch, more sleep I need~! 

This week!

My time is...

One more week to enjoy to the fullest!!!

Enjoy ya mates~!

Stay tuned!!!

Bye bye.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's so soon, soon, soon...

Everything is coming so soon.

I've some new plans and activities for the next two weeks as well.

Attending Bon Odori with "mama"...

Shopping Marathon with mum at Bangsar...

Another badminton session with "mama" & "sis"...

Self-learn Korean lessons... (very boring... @_@ But will try to finish it this month though...)

Kir-ly a.k.a. Choki birthday celebration... (If there's one... Please have one... ^_^)

And more more more to come.

Haih... Breathe~! Breathe~! Breathe~!

I should be updating the trips on Melaka and KL, but it'll be a long post.

I'm lazy... Hope I can post it by this week!!!

Seeya again guys & girls!!!


Result Out!!!

So our result was out early.

Thank you Ah Voon and Master for informing ya!

I was a little disappointed with my Economics and Business Law result.

I anticipated those 2 to have better grades but I guess my last minute studying ruined them.

Well, I must do well next semester!!!

Congratulations to my fellow college mates who obtain excellent results!

Continue to work harder!!!

As for those who didn't really do well this semester, don't worry!!!

You can catch up next semester!!! Try harder!!! ^^v

Now that I'm relieve, it means...

I can enjoy more freely now!!! Yippie~!!!

Haha, enjoy people!!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Coming Soon~!

Our result for the 1st semester will be out in 2 days!!!

I'm so eager and nervous at the same time...

Parents are giving me pressure!!!

I hope I do well!!!

14.07.2010 - 5.00pm

Judgement day arrives..... @_@

Seeya again people!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Update! Mettre à jour! 업데이트!

My My My!!!

I'm quite busy lately. Sorry for not updating my bloggie...

The whole week I'm home late and exhausted being a tourist guide (for dad's friend) and "nanny"~!

Haiz... I'll update as soon as possible!!!

Just a little peep here to see who our guests are!!!


Ok, there's more to come!!!

Stay tuned~!

Nitez... ^_^
P.S. This boy here is damn hard to please... If he stays here longer I'll go insane for sure!!! T_T

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Addiction******!!!

Current Anime Addiction~!

Vampire Knights & Vampire Knights Guilty!!!

OMO~! Zero!!!! You're the best!!! n_n

Yuki Cross' earliest memory is of being all alone on a snowy night in winter, when she was attacked by an evil "Level E" vampire and saved by a powerful but kind vampire named Kaname Kuran. Ten years later, Yuki, along with her childhood friend, Zero Kiryu are school guardians at the prestigious Cross Academy where her adopted father is the headmaster. The school is hosting an experimental program that is trying to prove that humans and vampires can live together peacefully, in a quest for coexistence.

The job of the guardians is to make sure that peace is maintained and to protect the human "Day Class" students from the vampire "Night Class" students if necessary. They also make sure that the human students do not discover that the Night Class members are all actually vampires. They go by the guise as "prefects" or "disciplinary committee members" so as to not blow their secret. The day class students try to follow the night class students around, as they are all very beautiful, intelligent, and often flirts.

The night class is made up of high-class vampires (Levels A and B), as there is a hierarchy among vampire society. Level A includes only pure bloods, the rarest, most elite, and most powerful class, whose bloodlines have never mixed with humans. Pure bloods are also the only kind of vampires who can bite a human and turn them into another vampire, and a pure blood's blood gives whoever drinks it greater powers. Level B are known as "Nobles" or "Aristocrats." These are also very powerful vampires, but not as much so as pure bloods. They also have a small amount of human blood in their ancestry. Levels C,D, and E include humans who have been turned by a pure blood rather than born as a vampire. These ex-humans will eventually go mad with blood lust and become a "Level E" if they are not stabilized by drinking the blood of the one who originally bit them in the first place. Stabilized ex-humans are known as "Level C" or "regular vampires", and humans who have been bitten but have not gone mad are "Level D".

The story follows Yuki's discovery that Zero had been turned into a vampire and her struggle to keep him sane, since he had not been stabilized, and prevent his condition from deteriorating into the lowest form of vampire, the monstrous Level E. Zero's parents were vampire hunters, killed by a pure blood out for revenge, and who also bit him in the process and took his twin brother, assumed to be dead. He hates what he has become, and fears that he will succumb to blood lust and murder everyone. He feels that the only option is to kill himself, which Yuki tries to help him avoid. Meanwhile, she also tries to deal with her seemingly unobtainable love for her hero, Kaname, who also happens to be a pure blood- the only one in the night class.

Yuki faces a difficult decision with the arrival of Shizuka Hio. She is the pure blood vampire who killed Zero's family and turned Zero into a vampire. She offers Yuki a deal to help him; either by having her kill Kaname or allow her to drink Yuki's blood and become a vampire herself. Yuki decides to give up her humanity to save both Zero and Kaname, but is stopped by Zero, who would rather kill Shizuka. Neither occurs when Zero's assumed dead twin shows up, and Kaname ends up killing Shizuka and drinking her blood in order to protect Yuki and reluctantly, Zero. With the loss of his salvation, Yuki continues to help Zero fight his blood lust while also seeking to recover the memories she lost as a young child before Kaname found her. As the series progresses, Zero's thirst for blood leads to his drinking from Yuki, by her consent, to avoid becoming a level E vampire and losing himself to his monstrous instincts. This is difficult for him, since he secretly loves her and doesn't want to hurt anybody. Kaname loves Yuki as well, and is very protective of her, and to stop her from having to do this, he gives Zero his own "pure" blood. Also, since he had consumed the blood of Shizuka Hio, his own helps keep Zero from going insane and from needing to feed from Yuki.

Eventually, it is revealed that Yuki is a pure blood vampire herself; the Pure blood Princess of the Kuran family, who had been transformed into a human before she lost her memories. It is also revealed that Kaname is Yuki's older 'brother' and that they were engaged as children to be married. This is a common practice among pure bloods to preserve blood lines and due to the fact that vampires are immune to inbreeding. Despite this, Kaname is not Yuki's true blood brother, but an ancient and powerful ancestor of the royal Kuran family who was resurrected by Rido Kuran so that Rido could prey on him, drink his blood, and become more powerful. He escaped and was raised by Yuki's parents, Juuri and Haruka Kuran, after Rido had kidnapped and sacrificed their first child to bring him back to life. To protect Yuki from her monstrous uncle and the corrupt vampire senate who wished to exploit their pure blood, her mother sacrificed her life in order to perform a spell that would seal Yuki's memories and allow her to live as a human. After Yuki reawakens to her vampire nature, Rido again tries to kill her and consume her power. As Kaname kills the members of the vampire senate who they had discovered were working together with their uncle to not only get Yuki, but destroy the night class and their hopes for peace. During a fierce battle, Zero kills Rido, but later on tells Yuki he will have to kill her when he sees her once again, since she is a pure blood. She tells him that she will keep running, so that he will have a reason to live. Although this is where the anime ends, the manga continues the story and is updated monthly in LaLa Magazine.


Searching for wonderful anime now...

Any suggestions readers??

Do inform me ya~!

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